Friends, Partners & Stewards of the Ocean

Friends, Partners & Stewards of the Ocean

DG is proud to be affiliated with these friends of the ocean. Please do your part by donating time, energy, effort, money...DivingGlobal invested time and energy for Mission Blue in the initial role out of Salesforce CRM staying true to SFDC's 1;1;1 and DivingGlobal's adopted model.

Dr. Earle Says...
"My birthday is on the horizon – the 30th of August. I hope you will do your part, alongside this amazing network of Champions around the planet, to provide some support to Mission Blue. That would be the best birthday present of all – not just for me, not just for Mission Blue – but for the planet, and for you. Thank you for what you're doing!"
Thank you!
There are two ways you can donate today: either on our regular online donation portal or on Dr. Earle's Facebook page.

Combined, we have raised just over $15,000 for Dr. Sylvia Earle's birthday this month. With your support, we hope to break $20,000 by her birthday in two short days!




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